Starlight Photonics deals in Scientific and Industrial Laser Systems and lots of other interesting Silicon Valley Surplus. We sell on eBay as user Starlight-Photonics

Contact us:
Starlight Photonics
PO Box 1134
Alviso, CA 95002
phone: +1-408-940-5273
skype: kevin.criqui
Signal or Whatsapp: +1-408-210-6614

Spectra Physics, T20, T40, T80, J20, J40, J80, Millennia, Millennia Pro, MaiTai, 3900S, Navigator, X15SC, X30SC, X40SC, Y70, Y70SC, YHP70, BL6, BL10, HIPPO, V-Series, V80, VHP80, V70, V70HD, V-Extreme, FCBar, PDM-Y125, 0135-0388, 0135-0390